7th & 8th Graders, Mud Bay School, ca. 1940

Coast Salish Indigenous History Resources

Tribal Nations websites, recommended reading, podcasts, and online resources for learning more about Straits Salish, Coast Salish, and general Indigenous history of the Salish Sea

Henry Cayou with his reef netting gear on Flat Point, ca. 1950. Photo courtesy of Jack Giard.

Museum Photo Collection

Search the Lopez Island Historical Society’s photographs in the Washington Rural Heritage collection.

San Juan County Historical Documents

Thousands of original historical documents (marriage licenses, property deeds, wills, etc.) from 1874 to the present are available on the San Juan County auditor’s website. This is an amazing resource for anyone searching for Lopez’s family history.

Avery & Bob Wilson with horse & colt, 1910

The Lopez Island Historical Society is the repository for thousands of photographs, documents, and newspaper clippings relating to Lopez’s history and genealogy of families who have been associated with the island. Please get in touch with us for more information or to make a research appointment.