Coast Salish Indigenous History Resources

Henry Cayou with his reef netting gear on Flat Point, ca. 1950. Photo courtesy of Jack Giard.

Additional resources

Recommended Reading

  • Lummi Elders Speak
  • To Fish in Common by Daniel Boxberger
  • The Coming of the Spirit of Pestilence by Robert T. Boyd
  • Jesintel Children of the Setting Sun Productions
  • Keeping It Living Edited by Douglas Deur & Nancy J. Turner
  • Indians in the Making by Alexandra Harmon
  • The Power of Promises Edited by Alexandra Harmon
  • Breaking Ground by Lynda V. Maps
  • Exploring Coast Salish Prehistory by Julie K. Stein
  • Beginnings A Meditation on Coast Salish Lifeways by Patrick J. Twohy
  • Treaty Justice The Northwest Tribes, the Boldt Decision, and the Recognition of Fishing Rights by Charles Wilkinson

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