About: Lopez Island Historical Society

Lopez Island Historical Society & Museum auction to finish the building, late 1970s.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Lopez Island Historical Society is to collect, preserve, interpret, and share local history to increase awareness and appreciation of this resource for the benefit of future generations.

The Museum

The Lopez Island Historical Society Museum is located in the heart of Lopez Village at the corner of Weeks Road and Washburn Place.

Staff and Board

Executive Director: Amy Hildebrand
Collections Manager: Ginger Lowell
Research Assistant: Breton Carter

President: Tom Ruggles
Vice President: Mary Reese
Treasurer: Terry Larson
Secretary: Jon Paynter
Trustees: Larry Cochran, Ralph Bladt, Valerie Yukluk, Jack Pedigo, Paul Henriksen, Karen Alexander, Jack Giard, Lynn Thompson, Britney & Shawn Westervelt