August 14th – LIHS Picnic & 100th Anniversary Birthday Club Bash

This year for our Community Picnic, we are celebrating 100 years of the Birthday Club! Started in 1922 as a way for women to socialize and help their community at the same time, the Birthday Club saw many families through hard times. They held bazaars and did fancy needlework to raise money, made diapers and linens for new mothers, sent money to the Red Cross, helped run a blood bank, and so much more. In the more recent past, they have helped families when their homes burned, given money to local service organizations, and continued to gather to celebrate birthdays and have educational programs for their members (with a little break for Covid).

We invite you to come celebrate with music, children’s games, the Lopez Timeline, and BIRTHDAY CAKE! From 1:30-4pm on the museum grounds, with games starting at 1:30, music at 2pm, and cake at 3pm. Bring your family and your fastest chicken for the Great Lopez Chicken Race.

We’ll have history about the Birthday Club for you to browse, as well. Feel free to bring snacks to share or your own picnic. The Rovente boys will likely show up with their hotdog, pretzel, and ice cream carts, as well!

Black and white photo of a group of people outside in 1922. Woman in center holds birthday cake with candles.
Photo of what is believed to be the first official Birthday Club party, in 1922. Sanna Tralnes, one of the founders, stands in the center with a white birthday cake.