Exhibits & Collections Project

The one constant characteristic of history is that things change. We work hard to collect and catalog important items that chronicle Lopez Island history. We make them available to you as exhibits and programs, archives, family records and photos. We help researchers discover long-lost family, and new islanders learn about their new home and neighbors.

We need your help to meet a critical challenge. We have run out of storage and work space. We continue to receive photos, artifacts, and other memorabilia from settler family descendants – items that are irreplaceable, and invaluable in recording our history. We are doing our best to catalog and preserve these items, but we are losing ground.

With your help, we will:

  • Create a research area to provide public access to our extensive photo and archive collection.
  • Insulate the museum to control temperature and humidity, the two things most destructive to historic collections.
  • Add collections work and storage space.
  • Remodel the restroom to ADA standards.
  • Build a roof and exhibit space around the Sally J to honor our rich maritime heritage, and add year-round, exterior exhibit space to expand our island farming displays.