2008 History Forum

Camp Community—Nor’wester Memories

Presented by Bill & Marty Holm, Paul Henriksen, Donn Charnley, Richard Carter

Thursday March 13th, 7:00pm

Bill & Marty Holm, Paul Henricksen, Donn Charnley and Richard Carter will share Camp Nor’wester history and recollections.

  • Who was Frank Carlton Henderson, and why did he decide to open a children’s Camp in 1935?
  • Why was the Camp initially located on Westcott Bay, San Juan Island?
  • What led them to choose Sperry Peninsula on Lopez Island
  • Island families and individuals (eg: Phil Hastin) who worked on the initial buildings
  • The many Lopez residents who were involved with the Camp as campers, staff, and who became permanent Lopez residents
  • The remarkable relationship which the Camp and Lopez developed with the native First Islanders

Women in Lopez History—with many photos & artifacts

Presented by Linda Graham Rose & Florence Meng

Thursday April 10th, 7:00pm

Linda Graham Rose presents a picture of Lopez from 1877. Both of Linda’s parents are from Lopez, and Linda will share “facts and gossip” illustrated with many photos of early Lopez life.

Florence Meng will share stories of the Birthday Club. Founded in 1922, the womens’ organization has provided food, clothing and financial help for people in need. Their first meeting was at Mrs. Tralnes’ beach at MacKaye Harbor.

A History of Lopez Schools

Presented by Lopez School Superintendent Bill Evans

Thursday May 15th, 7:00pm

The 2008 History Forum is sponsored by Raiti Waerness, Lopez Village Market, Duane & Audrey Bordvick, Dick & Mary Schoenman, Ken & Linda Graham Rose, Phil & Jean Weinheimer, Doug James, Gary & Karen Alexander, Lopez School Administrators