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Lopez Purity Store, Lopez village, ca. 1940. (Currently the Fudge Factory building)

Images of America—Lopez Island

We are very excited to announce our new book, Images of America: Lopez Island, by Susan Ferguson and the Lopez Island Historical Society. The book features 200 of the best images of Lopez from our collection, and stories of Native islanders, early settlers, farmers, fishers, quilters, shopkeepers, schools, kids, families, and all your favorite island places. Susan is generously donating all royalties from book sales, so all proceeds benefit the museum.

Excerpt from the introduction:

“Nestled in the San Juan Archipelago, Lopez Island is a 29.5 square mile mountaintop rising out of the Salish Sea. Lopez is a magical place, eliciting in many an ethereal response to its beauty, its substance, its peace. Over the past two centuries, people from near and far discovered Lopez, were drawn by its beckoning, and made their lives here. Together, they created and nurtured a special community spirit that has garnered islanders’ lifelong affection and passed through generations to the present day.

“This is the story of that community. Photographs introduce the people who came to Lopez when impenetrable woods met the shoreline, marshland was yet to be cleared, and life was carved out of wilderness. Given the gifts of phenomenal surrounding beauty, a mild climate, and abundant natural resources, the homesteaders and their descendents embraced their new life together.”


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Lopez Legends, Myths & Yarns CD now available

The stories we heard at the “Lopez Legends, Myths & Yarns” program in 2012 were captivating – sweet, poignant, funny. Gary Alexander and Mary Wondra read excerpts from the museum’s extensive archives, including rarely seen letters, diaries and memoirs.

We heard tales from early Lopez settlers – like Wesley Warner trying to convince his wife and daughters to leave the comfort of their New York home to move here in 1876, and the Cantine family establishing a farm on Fisherman Bay. From more recent times, we heard of Dort & Louie’s adventures building Sea Ranch, and Susie Gallanger’s mother trying to convince Susie to come home. The program concluded with Mary’s reading of the lovely poem, “If Ever You’ve Lived on an Island.”

We now have CDs available so you can hear “Lopez Legends, Myths & Yarns” in the comfort of your home.

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