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“Lopez Legends, Myths & Yarns” CD now available

The stories we heard at the “Lopez Legends, Myths & Yarns” program in 2012 were captivating – sweet, poignant, funny. Gary Alexander and Mary Wondra read excerpts from the museum's extensive archives, including rarely seen letters, diaries and memoirs.

We heard tales from early Lopez settlers – like Wesley Warner trying to convince his wife and daughters to leave the comfort of their New York home to move here in 1876, and the Cantine family establishing a farm on Fisherman Bay. From more recent times, we heard of Dort & Louie's adventures building Sea Ranch, and Susie Gallanger's mother trying to convince Susie to come home. The program concluded with Mary's reading of the lovely poem, “If Ever You've Lived on an Island.”

We now have CDs available so you can hear “Lopez Legends, Myths & Yarns” in the comfort of your home.

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“Lopez Legends, Myths & Yarns” CD:
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2008 Projects

Our newest project stretches our education mission. Ellin Evans and Laurie Latta are developing a Lopez history curriculum that will benefit Lopez students. They are working to gather relevant material that meets state education standards. We hope to expand the curriculum to create a Lopez history book filled with great photos and accounts of all the colorful men and women who have made Lopez what it is. Once the curriculum project is complete, Laurie and Ellin will move on to a couple of other unique family-oriented projects-details will be in our Spring, 2009 newsletter.

The Sally J is getting a fresh coat of paint. This beautiful boat seems to invite former, and current, fishers to share stories of their experiences on the water. The Sally J was built for Bastion Jevick, who fished off Iceberg Point. In addition to the good news about the Sally J, a group of southend neighbors recently pooled their resources to restore Jevick's fishing cabin. It's encouraging to see the community's commitment to preserving the island's heritage.

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