The Lopez Island Historical Society & Museum

Lopez Island, San Juan County, Washington


Oral History Project

We are introducing an exciting new program in 2012 that will allow you to hear Lopez Island's unique stories, told by folks who grew up on the island in the early 20th century—island history from people who were there.

Willie Cousins was quite a storyteller. Imagine sitting with Willie, hearing him recall his life on Lopez—how the earliest Lopezians came to the island, how people lived, and intimate details about his favorite characters.

Helen Hastin with her sons, Phil and Bud.
Both Helen and Phil recorded oral histories for LIHS.


Lopez Island Signature Quilt

Click on image for larger view

Signature quilts are invaluable community records. Their popularity grew in America in the 19th century as a way to support a variety of causes. This project, by Anne Dawson, Laurie Latta and Karen Alexander gave our island community an opportunity to create a modern signature quilt! We invite you to visit the museum to see this beautiful quilt, which features nearly 600 signatures.


Site built by Cloud Islands, Lopez Island, WA.