Lopez Heritage Garden

Imagine a garden space in which modern Lopez families can share meals and special moments in the very heart of the island’s past.

The Lopez Island Historical Museum is beginning work on the Lopez Heritage Garden, a family picnic area in which memorials, tributes and remembrances can be displayed in a landscape of native plants and heritage apple trees. Lisa Hummel, descendant of the Hummel Lake family and a well-known Seattle landscape designer, has volunteered to design the project.

Although details are not finalized, the Lopez Heritage Garden will grace the landscape with heritage apple trees grafted from island orchards and several areas that will feature a variety of native plants. Memorial plaques, tiles or bricks will be mounted within the Garden on a combination of special posts, benches, tables, and arbors.

Lopez Island has always had a strong community-minded culture that honors the spirit and memories of those who have called Lopez Island their home. The Lopez Heritage Garden will be a place where that generous spirit is captured and memorialized for present and future generations. What better way to celebrate that culture than to surround it with beauty and growth?

  • Memorial & remembrance monuments.
  • Family picnic area
  • Native plantings with identifying markers around the picnic area
  • Heirloom fruit trees between shed and museum
  • Additional gravel paths and seating areas

2017 Exhibits at the Lopez Museum

Our 2017 season is about to begin! The museum is open for the season Wednesdays through Sundays, from Noon to 4 PM.

The following exhibits will be on display—come visit and check them out!

 The first non-Native Lopez Islanders had to carve a new life out of an unforgiving landscape. This required innovation. They survived and built family farms, supplemented by fishing and clamming, so their children could pursue other interests, including the planting of orchards, commercial fishing, canning, shipping and­—let’s be candid—smuggling. These skills provided the creature comforts for their children to pursue the more creative arts and crafts that dominate Lopez Island activities to this day.

carried-by-canoe-2An incomparable collection of more than 200 stone, bone and antler Native artifacts that represent virtually every aspect of First Islander life.


salmon-was-king A dive into the history of Lopez Island’s fishing industry and its changes over the years.


lopez-women A look at some of the notable and accomplished women in Lopez Island’s past.


wild-lopez-2 Explore the natural history of Lopez, including evidence of wolves on the island!

childrens-corner-2 An opportunity for parents and kids to create their own Lopez story.


Our generous sponsors include:

Islanders Insurance, Spencer’s Landing Marina, Richardson Fuel, Lopez Village Market, Cloud Islands, On-Site Island Services, Islander Resort, Karen Rousseau, Lopez Sand & Gravel, Mike Halperin & Jodi Green, Nancy & Charles Givens, Spud & Karen Grimes,
Bob & Becky Smith, Islands Marine Center, Mary Fagerholm Reece, Don Fagerholm, Ralph Bladt & Barbara Fulton, Gary & Karen Alexander, Jack Pedigo, Jamie & Lauren Stephens, Jim & Nancy Kenagy, Nancy Nordhoff, Pat & Pete Kuentzel, Randy & Karen Wilburn, Scott & Suzi Jennings, Rob Hummel, Tom Ruggles & Gayle Isbell, George & Stepper LeBoutillier, Haven Restaurant, Duane & Audrey Bordvick, Dianne Pressenda

Congratulations to our Raffle Winners

Many thanks to all of you who participated in our recent raffle!

CONGRATULATIONS to the following winners:
Bob McCabe’s ‘Old Growth Salmon’ ~ Margaret Moreney
Steve Hill’s ‘Spring Sunrise at Port Stanley’ ~ Steve Sullivan
Ralph Bladt’s ‘Barlow Bay Cold Plant’ ~ Olivia Hermann

Please contact the Lopez Island Historical Museum to make arrangements to pick up your prize.  Call 360-468-2049 or email us at lopezmuseum@rockisland.com

Special thanks to our contributing artists for their generous donations of original artwork.  Your contributions helped to fund museum operations in 2015.

Art Raffle

McCabe-salmon2-webWin a beautiful carved cedar salmon, original pastel or original watercolor. These pieces, all by Lopez artists, were donated to the Historical Society to help fund museum operations in 2015.

Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. You may purchase tickets at the Museum or online  via PayPal, see below.

The drawing will be held October 9 at the museum. Winners need not be present to win, but prizes must be picked up from the Lopez Island Historical Museum.

Item A: (Above right) Old -growth Salmon” carved from old-growth red cedar by Bob McCabe. 22″ wide x 33″ high.

Item B: “Spring Sunshine at Port Stanley” original pastel by Steve Hill.
13″ high x 21″ wide, including frame.

Item C: “Barlow Bay Cold Plant” original watercolor by Ralph Bladt.
12″ high x 15″ wide, including frame.

Proceeds support the Lopez Island Historical Society.

You Are Making History

LIHS-Picnicbeach1985.515-WEBCommunity Picnic

July 25 • 11am – 3pm
You bring blankets and your picnic lunch we’ll provide the entertainment

Music • Stories for kids  adults • Children’s activities
Your Place is Lopez History Timeline • Pioneer families

Generously sponsored by: Islanders Insurance, Spencer’s Landing Marina, Richardson Fuel, Lopez Island Pharmacy, Lopez Village Market, Cloud Islands, On-Site Island Services, Islander Resort, Karen Rousseau, Lopez Sand & Gravel, Mike Halperin & Jodi Green, Nancy & Charles Givens, Spud & Karen Grimes, Ande & Scott Finley, Bob & Becky Smith, Dave & Barbara Thomas, Mary Fagerholm Reece, Ralph Bladt & Barbara Fulton, Scott & Suzi Jennings, Jim Pinkham & Sue Crockett, Tom Ruggles & Gayle Isbell, Stepper & George LeBoutillier, Gary & Karen Alexander, Nancy Nordhoff, Duane & Audrey Bordvick, Dianne Pressenda, Raiti Waerness. In Loving Memory of Anne Kemp Hummel. With support from Humanities WA.

(360)468-2049 or lopezmuseum@rockisland.com for more info